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Which day have you fixed for a date with your SAP Users and SAP Decision makers?

Despite having one of the best collections of the targeted SAP users lists and SAP decision makers lists, marketers fail to impress the top level SAP executives. Reason? Right email sent at the wrong time (day).

Wondering which day is the best day to reach and impress the SAP decision makers
Here is what email marketing experts have to say regarding the day to roll out SAP users email campaign:

>>>Experts say that B2B messages on Monday have the plus point to be there (in the Inbox) before the SAP decision makers arrive after weekends. However, one can't ignore the fact that important mails have been mixed with the unsolicited junk mails. Hence considering the SAP users are really busy on this first weekday try to engage them at the late hours of the busy Monday.

>>>Tuesday to Thursday has it's own glory. There is no doubt that B2B messages receives high open and click rates on these days plus conversion rate is beyond satisfactory. SAP decision makers are more receptive on Wednesdays and Thursday. However, not to forget that Thursday is also the day when they are busy planning for weekend so make sure your email campaign is written and designed to stand away from the other emails.

>>>Friday and Saturday have their own story to tell. Saturday sees the least number of open and clicks and Friday is no different. However there are instances when marketers have smile on their face as their emails got huge response on Friday. One can conclude that it depends on the offer you have for the SAP users which can turn the game on your side.

>>>Sunday is a fun day for many and SAP decision makers are no exceptions. So why spending marketing time and dollars, in fact many SAP users will take it as interference and will react adversely. So better avoid.

One last Tip: There is however no set role or set days for sending emails to your target SAP users, what suited for one company might not suit to the other. Experts suggest “Test, test and test” this is the only way marketer can understand which is the preferable day to impress the target SAP users.

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