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How to impress decision makers of your SAP Marketing Lists

So you want to make best use of the SAP users list you bought recently. Right?

Let's go directly into the meat of the matter.

As a sales person you should know very correctly that your target SAP users are interested in what and what not. First among such dos and don'ts list is: Do not talk or say brag about how long have you been in this industry or who all were the MDs, CEOs, CFOs, etc., of your company; or how you work. Initiate talking about how your products and services are going to benefit them. How investing on your products will give them good results, revenue and ROIs.

Let your emails, mails or telemarketing pitches be so powerful that your prospect SAP users can imagine how nice their business could be with your products. And when they are completely into this wonderland wake them up by telling that to make this dream a truth they should first purchase the products and be the owner.

With all said and done just don't forget to thank them and congratulate them for making a right decision by buying your products and services. This not only will make your SAP users clients confident but also will open scope for future sales.

If you are all set to blast your SAP users campaign, hold on and just check if you have your target SAP users list. If not please feel free to write to me or fill up our 60-sec contact us form.

It's all about time dear

In the above picture you can see three different graphs revealing three different stories of three different companies. These graphs were sent by our clients regarding the open rates at different times. All these graphs helped us to draw some conclusions that we would like to share with smart our marketers.

1. NO matter how well crafted your email is
2. NO matter how appropriate it is for your target audience...

Your email campaign will never give 'golden gooses' if it fails to reach your prospects at the time they are looking for. No wonder, your email is not the only email in your prospect's/customer's Inbox, it also has some tens of alerts from social networking sites, business meeting details, personal mails, etc. So, the chance of getting it noticed by everyone instantly is never possible.

Secondly, every one has their own priorities and way of taking business emails. No doubt subject lines, call to action , etc., are important to be considered plus also to know what hint is your own past campaigns giving. We always emphasize on Test, Test, Test but we somehow fail to draw conclusion about the timing when exactly the prospect read your email.

This timing can be learn through one way: Prepare graphs (open rate vs. time) of previous campaigns and draw conclusion if it was 10 hrs after the campaign was rolled out or it took 21 hrs to open.

Which section of your SAP users List opened in the early hours of a day and who else are wise owls (open your email in late evenings and nights).

If your clients and prospects are all across the globe then such graphical analysis is a must because 2.30 pm EST can be 8.30 pm (or 3.00 am) for some countries.

So you see it's all about time. What is your graph indicating? Do share. We would love to know that.

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Give a new look to your email marketing to impress SAP Users

Let's make the year 2010 more onilne marketing friendly by giving a new look to the email marketing. A little touch up is needed to make email marketing more impressive. Technology is evolving everyday. Some of the best tools and gadgets are available to keep customers updated about new products in the market.

Please note that old school email marketing practices should never be ignored, but a fresh new approach definitely is the demand of 2010. Today's marketers have to be more prepared and alert to find the best ways to make more through email marketing. The two things to keep in mind to impress tech-savy customers like SAP users and decision makers are:

Emails to be accessible through mobile phones:
With mobile phones becoming one of the most used gadget for information gathering and sharing, make your email accessible through mobile phones. This will help the recipient to access it any time and from any place. If they like the offer they can instantly send to their friends. Hence your one email can reach to many people who are not in your SAP users lists and can be the potential buyers.

A new strategy to 'Welcome' prospect SAP users:
A welcome email is a must to be send to all your prospect SAP decision makers. This not only builds trust in the recipient but also prompt them to register for your email messages. However this time while sending your welcome emails think about all the possibilities about your messages being read and at what time. You will realize many prospects will not be able to read them because they were not available in the office, they were traveling, etc. Your welcome email should be powered with technology to reach through every gadgets and network.

Making few changes in your email marketing practices can bring lots of difference in your email campaign response in 2010. To start your campaign you need a robust SAP users email list with SAP version, for this please sign up or write to me at

Five simple ways to impress SAP users this 2010

This 2010 try to market your products to SAP users in a smart way. Reaching them through various SAP users and SAP decision makers lists is easier and simpler than creating your own database spending time, resource and money.

However, reaching should not be the only aim, you should aim to impress your target SAPians. Read below some easy ways to do that:

1. Be available at every nook and corner of online marketing channels. Make your SEO team to work in a way that you are visible and hold the top ranks on the major search engines.
2. Make sure your SEO experts are using long and short-tail keywords and all the possible keywords the SAP users might use to search products like yours.
3. Show a clear (not confusing) root map to visit the major pages of your website. This will help your visitors to collect more information about your products and services. Also let them visit to the price page. It helps them to compare your products with your competitors'.
4. Always provide special offers and discounts and make them act prompt by saying “Act now”, “Order Today”
5. Once the first purchase is done always send a “Thank You” message with 10% discount (for example) on the next purchase.

Reach and impress them the smarter way and begin a rocking 2010. All the best.

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