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Crowd Sourced database integrated with Social Media Profile

SAP List basket introduces a unique way to enhance your marketing experience with crowd sourced database. The specialty being that the database automatically gets updated with information of prospects you are looking for. This way you get only the latest information of individual contacts. The crowd sourced database is then integrated with Social media profiles to give you only verified contact details of real people. Based on different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc., you get the opportunity to contact individuals at all levels.
You can not only track your prospects but also understand their needs and interests. It’s the most credible way to approach them, since you know them more than just their contact details. And, of course with targeted communication you can always manage to build better relationship with your client for a long-term business relationship.

Try a sample of SAP Users Lists or customize your lists based on your requirements. Write to us at

Tele-verified SAP Users List

Accuracy in every contact!

We understand your need to reach the right people at the right time. That’s why we have created an accurate way for you to reach the SAP Users. Tele-verified lists of SAP Users ensure that you reach them on the right time.
Your marketing campaigns dedicated to SAP Users will now experience an expanded reach. SAP Users list comprises of valuable information fields such as Name, Job Title, Mailing Address, Email Id, Contact Number, Organization, SIC Code, Fax Number, Annual Turnover, etc.
You can also get your SAP Users list customized as per your requirements or buyer’s persona.

Now reaching the SAP decision makers is not only easy but also effective. SAP Users list is regularly updated for you to make the best of it. Tele-verified SAP Users list saves your time and money by helping you reach only the authentic people with updated contact details updated over telephone.

SAP Users list is the ultimate option for you to kick start your marketing campaign. It promises that you reach your potential business targets in an effective time span with accuracy.

It’s easy and its simple just fill in the form below and we will get back to you with an accurate solution to help you grow your business. Let’s get it Started!

Try a sample of SAP Users Lists or customize your lists based on your requirements. Write to us at

Pre – Packaged SAP Users Lists to help you Save Time and Money

Time and tide wait for none, Why should you? The wait is now over…

You can now save your valuable time that usually got wasted in the process of prospecting with Pre-packaged SAP users lists. We know how important your time is to you. That’s why we have segmented lists ready to use for its ease of usage.  Save more time and money prospecting on your customers. We offer only highly targeted Opt-in Emails and mails to maximize your ROI and improve conversion rate.
Our SAP Users Lists database is regularly updated to allow you to go an extra mile while customizing and personalizing the campaigns.
Get your lists with exact location (i.e. Zip Code, Continent, Country, State etc.). The Standard Industry Classification code (SIC) for each business type enables you to search faster and sharper. You also get an option to customize your own SAP Applications Users Lists synched according to your requirements and user personas.
SAP Users List is a complete package for you to initiate your marketing campaign with a promise of dependability. Are you getting late? Fill in the form below and we will help you save more time and money.

Let us help you get started!

Try a sample of SAP Users Lists or customize your lists based on your requirements. Write to us at

Geo - Based SAP email Lists

Locate them on the map.
Web presence has increasingly affected the need for Geo Targeting. We understand your need to focus on the right leads. To help you in doing so we have brought something that makes your search even easier and specific.

Our Geo based SAP email lists are segregated in country order to help you expand your global reach. It comprises of valuable information such as Zip code, State, Country, Continent etc. Geo-targeting SAP Users List also comprises of industry segmented information such as SIC (Standard Industrial Segmented codes, annual sales & revenue figures and branch and Headquarters information.

Management contacts of SAP Technology available in our list ensure that you contact only the decision makers to save your time and resources. All the information available in our SAP database is updated on a regular basis to provide you with accurate & verified contacts.

Our Geo based mailing lists of SAP Users are an ideal source for consulting, services and upgrades. This makes Geo based SAP Users lists a ready to use package for email marketing. Based on the information you can also add a personalized touch to your emails for a successful campaigning.

However, depending upon your need and requirement you also have an option to customize your list for an additional impact on your email marketing.
Let’s go and get them!
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