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Marketers trying to reach SAP Users shouldn't miss this

SAP users and SAP decision makers are among the busiest lot of decision makers. Marketing consultants trying to reach them have to prepare a smart strategy to impress them and turn them to buyers.

To help marketers in a better way SAP Users Lists is conducting a poll and invites you all to participate and tell what you feel.

This poll is for all of you who:
Are looking for SAP users lists
Are looking for SAP decision makers lists
Want to run an email campaign with SAP users list
Are tired of poor sales leads to reach target SAP users
and All email marketing enthusiasts

Q. In the coming months which 3 out of the following will you emphasize to reach your target (SAP users)

A. 1. Social Networking
3. Blogging
4. Video Marketing
5. Banner Ads
6. Newspaper/Magazines advertisements
7. Email Marketing
8. Direct Mail

Choose your 3 best options and send to us at SAP Users Lists will tell you how to better your reach to SAP users.

Beside, if you are targeting to reach your SAP users and looking for SAP users lists please feel free to visit our SAP Lists Basket. If you are have a specific SAP users list in your mind just CONTACT US.

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E-mail Marketing Expert Stefan Pollard - A Tribute

Stefan Pollard started his career in online marketing in 1999. He was considered a selfless mentor and champion of best practices in e-mail marketing. Stefan was senior strategic consultant at Responsys and responsible for developing e-mail marketing and lifecycle messaging strategies to increase clients' ROI. As an e-mail marketer, he spent several years building and executing acquisition and retention campaigns at E-Loan and

Stefan, a resident of Antioch, CA, was a graduate of California State University, Hayward, receiving a B.S. in business administration and marketing in 1990 and an MBA, computer information systems, in 1999.

He died on May 14, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Susan, and two children, Nicholas and Lauren.

SAP Users Lists salutes this genuine email marketing gem. In the marketing world - where self-promotion is an occupational hazard - e-mail marketing expert and ClickZ columnist Stefan Pollard was an exception. He always believed in “In email marketing, slow and steady work will bring better results than quick fixes.”

About SAP Users Lists
SAP Users Lists is SAP lists, or as our clients say SAP leads, provider. Our target audience are those who want to reach SAP users and SAP decision makers of different various companies across globe. We also assist marketers in executing marketing campaign and analyzing the result including open and click rate, bounce rate, etc....Learn more by Signing Up

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SAP Lists Basket

SAP Users Lists invites all marketers trying to reach SAP users. Presenting before you latest 2010 SAP users lists you cannot avoid surfing in. Our various SAP users lists are:

SAP Users List, 2010
SAP Decision Makers List, 2010
SAP Decision Makers List USA
SAP Decision Makers List Canada
SAP Decision Makers List UK

SAP Decision Makers List Europe
SAP Users List USA
SAP Customers List
SAP Email List
SAP Users Email Marketing List
SAP Users Telemarketing List
SAP Direct Marketing List
SAP Users Mailing list
SAP Decision Makers List
SAP Users List – Comprehensive
SAP Users List USA
SAP Users List Canada
SAP Users List Europe
SAP Managerial List
SAP Top Executives List
SAP Global List
SAP R/3 Users List
SAP ECC users List

SAP CRM User List

If you do not see the SAP List you wish to market for, please write to us at

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SAP User list with phone numbers

If your telemarketing campaign is waiting for a fresh SAP users lists with phone numbers, SAP Users Lists can provide you that.

Reaching your target SAP decision makers through phone is direct and quick. You get the chance to interact with them directly. You can ask about their requirements and can quickly provide them solutions. The other details you will get along with SAP users phone numbers are:

Email address – To reach them through emails.

Mail address – Reach them through the traditional way of marketing through postal mails.

Fax number – To send your message across your target SAP users instantly

So with one SAP users list you can reach your target SAP users through various marketing channels.

Grab a SAP users list to believe how your marketing campaign progresses and bring more sales leads and overall high ROI.

SAP users list Canada

Are you targeting to reach SAP users in Canada? Are you tired of lead hunting, lead compilation? Take a break and start smart marketing with SAP customers list Canada. The list contains every detail from email, postal addresses and phone and fax number of Canada-based companies using SAP . Kickstart your online and offline marketing with this multi-marketing channel SAP users list.

Our SAP users lists Canada has: Contact name, job title, email address, telephone number, fax number, mailing address with zip code, and more such as revenue and company size.

Our Canada SAP users list covers SAP executives from industries such as

  • Healthcare
  • Consulting
  • Finance/Banking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance using Accounting / Ledger applications
  • Education and more.

If you are looking for SAP consumers lists Canada or any other SAP lists like SAP users list US, SAP users list UK, SAP users list Europe, SAP users list France,SAP users list Middle East, SAP users list Africa, we can assist you.

Get the most accurate information available of SAP users in Canada and kick start your marketing or sales campaign. SIGN UP today or
write to me.

US SAP users list

United States SAP users list is a collection of US companies using SAP technology. This includes small, middle, big-size companies. It also covers Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

SAP users list Insight

You can use this multi-channel marketing list for consulting, upgrades and services.

You will get the details like: Company Name, Contact, Title, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email Address, SIC code, Industry, Revenue, Company Size

You can use your list for unlimited times, with regular updation after every 70-90 days for one year.

You will get replacement for SAP contacts that fails to deliver within 30 days of the purchase of the list.

Our latest SAP lists are : 2010 SAP users list US, 2010 SAP users list UK, 2010 SAP users list Europe, 2010 SAP users list Middle East, 2010 SAP users list Africa, 2010 SAP users list France and 2010 SAP users list Canada.

If your target SAP users are from any of the above-mentioned lists, SIGN UP today and get a free sample of your choice.

If you are looking for some specific SAP users list which is not mentioned above please feel free to send an email at

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