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New Seven SAP Users lists updated with SAP version

If you are looking for fresh, permission-based SAP decision makers lists and start campaign during this Easter season contact us. SAP Users Lists has updated seven new SAP decision makers lists with SAP version and more.

Following are the eight new SAP consumers lists for our valuable clients.

SAP using Fortune 1000 companies: Contact details of Decision makers of Fortune 1000 US-based companies using SAP solutions

SAP Users Industry-wise List: Contact details of decision makers of Industry-specific SAP using companies

SAP Users Fortune 500 Companies: Fortune-500 companies using SAP applications

SAP Decision Makers Fortune 100 Companies: Fortune-100 companies using SAP applications

SAP Users List, India: Decision makers, key contacts of SAP using companies in India

SAP R/3 Users List, Europe: Key contacts of Europe-based companies using SAP R3 version

SAP R/3 Users List, US: Key contacts of US-based companies using SAP R3 version

We have many more SAP users custom-built list. Write to us or sign up to get a sample SAP decision makers list of your need. Happy Easter in advance from SAP Users Lists!!


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