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SAP users and front-and-center of your website

Ok, so you have a fresh SAP users lists to start your campaign. The email message, according to you, that you are sending sounds perfect with captivating subject line, good content with links landing to the various pages of your website. If so, then congrats your campaign surely will bring good result but what if the links you have given take them to pages that made them annoyed.

First why will your target SAP users get annoyed:
1. The email sent and the link attached was contradictory
2. The center and the right column have unimportant links (most)
3. The landing page doesn't have any sign up form
4. Worst the contact us page pop's up at every page
5. Pages have no call to action
6. Images take too much time to upload

How to impress your target SAP users or SAP decision makers

Simply avoid all the above-mentioned points. Your website is the face of your brand. Ensure you take care the front-and-center of it.

SAP Users Lists promises to assist you in your online marketing efforts through SAP users lists, email campaign services, email appending services. Please feel free to write to us or sign up mentioning the service(s) you are interested in.


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