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SAP Lists Basket's Email Deliverability Tips

In the coming days, SAP Lists Basket will share some of the best email deliverability tips our clients have shared with us. Here comes the first email delivearbility tip:

It's all about time dear

In the above picture you can see three different graphs revealing three different stories of three different companies. These graphs were sent by our clients regarding the open rates at different times. All these graphs helped us to draw some conclusions that we would like to share with smart marketers.

1. NO matter how well crafted your email is
2. NO matter how appropriate it is for your target audience...

Your email campaign will never give  'golden gooses' if it fails to reach your prospects at the time they are looking for. No wonder, your email is not the only mail in your prospect/customers Inbox, it also has  some tens of alerts from social networking sites, business meeting details, personal mails, etc. So, the chance of getting it noticed by everyone instantly is never possible.

Secondly, every one has their own priorities and way of taking business emails. No doubt subject lines, call to action , etc., are important to be considered plus also to know is what hint is your own past campaigns giving. We always emphasize on Test, Test, Test but we somehow fail to draw conclusion about the timing when exactly the prospect read your email.

This timing can be learn through one way: Prepare graphs (open rate vs. time) of previous campaigns and draw conclusion if it was 10 hrs after the campaign was rolled out or it took 21 hrs to open.

Which section of your SAP users List opened in the early hours of a day and who else are wise owls (open your email in late evenings and nights).

If your clients and prospects are all across the globe then such graphical analysis is a must because 2.30 pm EST can be 8.30 pm (or 3.00 am) for some countries.

So you see it's all about time. What is your graph indicating? Do share. We would love to know that.

SAP Decison Makers Lists 2011

Are you all set to make your email campaign bring better leads and sales than 2010. If yes, then let me ask you one question. "Are you using the same old SAP decision makers list, 2010?" It's time to get a fresh list for a fresh campaign. SAP Lists Basket brings you fresh updated SAP decision makers lists, 2011. All our SAP lists are updated in January 2011.

Get instant access to the following SAP decision makers lists:

SAP decision makers list Asia
SAP decision makers list United States
SAP decision makers list France
SAP decision makers list Europe
SAP decision makers list UK
SAP decision makers list Canada
SAP decision makers list North America

If you are aiming to target SAP users and SAP decision makers from other countries, we can compile that for you. Contact Us for fresh SAP leads using our various SAP decision makers lists.

SAP R/3 Customers list and SAP ERP Customers list

If you are looking for SAP ERP customers that are running on ECC, Netweaver, then SAP R/3 customers list and SAP ERP customers list can be of great use. Both SAP R/3 Customers list and SAP ERP Customers list have email and mailing address of SAP users and SAP decision makers using R/3 and ERP.   
Each of these SAP users lists has: SAP users complete name [First and last name]; Company name and website; Headquarter address; Contact number: Telephone and fax number; Job title; Email address; ZIP code; SIC code and Industry type.

Run your campaign with targeted SAP users list and win Integration, Enhancements, Rollout, and Support projects.

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