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Things to do to impress SAP users and SAP decision makers

Reaching and impressing your target customers is not a cakewalk. It needs lots of smart strategies and right steps to do that. SAP decision makers are considered to be one of the busiest lot of IT decision makers. They play a key role in purchasing products and services for their companies. Today I would like to present before the B2B marketers “Things to do” list to reach and impress SAP users and SAP decision makers.

Follow email marketing best practices – Email marketing experts have outlined some of the best practices for B2B marketers to follow. It is always a great idea to follow them. Not all practices can apply good for your business but simply ignoring them is a really bad thing.

Must have a social-media strategy - No marketer can generate leads this 2010 without engaging their target customers through social media. Social media has to be an integral part of your marketing strategies. It has lots of benefits. You get to reach your target SAP users, listen what they are talking about you and expecting from you.

Send relevant messages in time – Email blasts will never work to impress SAP decision makers. Prepare a schedule and stick to it. An untimely sent valuable email is a worst think to annoy your target SAPians and worst they may report SPAM or surely hit the unsubscribe button.

Look at your database – You SAP customers database needs a regular updation and cleansing. After every email campaign you host make sure you have removed the unsubscribe, hard bounces and those SAP users who have not opened your emails continuously even on the 10th time.

These are some of the simplest but effective things to bring into practice to impress the SAP users and SAP decision makers.

Is your marketing pie missing the best piece?

SAP Users Lists' data enhancement services will assist you in bringing back that missing piece.

Reaching maximum of SAP prospects can never be possible with missing info database, especially if the email addresses are missing or incorrect. SAP users and SAP decision makers prefer getting promotional emails and offers through email. If your targets are such SAP using companies and you don't have their email addresses, we will help you getting them with our email appending services.

The email address and other info we add to your database is law abide and double-opt in. So no SPAM complain or fear of getting blacklisted.

To make marketers work easier, below is the form enabling you to upload your file to be enhanced. What we suggest is upload a file of 50 contacts first. We will append 50 email address as a complimentary gift. You check on your own about the accuracy of the contacts.

If you are looking for SAP user lists based on geography, job titles, SAP version, Company size etc., do fill up the below form. You can also write to us. The information you share with us will not be shared with any third party.

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