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Reputation management and SAP Decision Makers - III

In my previous 2 posts I spoke about four things to build and maintain your brand's reputation. 1. Say no to unsolicited email, 2. Unsubscribe link a must, 3. Prompt action to handle unsubscribe.... Read below last but of course not least three points in the same line of reputation management and SAP decision makers.

Clarity in your 'Welcome email' – Your first mail that is the 'Welcome mail' plays a vital role in whether it is the beginning of a long fruitful (in term of sales) business or it's a last mail. Your prospect SAP users expect you to send a schedule for when can they receive your emails. That is if it is every 7 days, 15 days or 30 days.

Privacy policy page a must – Whenever you send an email send a privacy policy page link. Research suggests that privacy policy page makes your brand more reputed and trustworthy.

Recipient's preferences – Make sure your email always has something for the recipients. Ask questions and request them to participate, their preferences like do they like to receive the emails in HTML or normal text, etc.

So these are 7 points you can impress SAP users and maintain your brand's reputation in the eyes of ISPs, ESPs and the target prospect – SAP decision makers.

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