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SAP decision makers lists with job roles

SAP Lists Basket’s SAP decision makers email lists and SAP users mailing lists are available with job titles. This will help you target specific SAP users and SAP decision makers.

SAP users with job roles:

• SAP Technology Manager
• SAP Consultants
• SAP CRM Business Analysts
• SAP Solution Manager Consultant
• SAP NetWeaver Architect
• SAP GBU Functional Design
• SAP HR Consultants
• SAP Systems Analyst
• SAP BASIS Administrator
• SAP SD/LE Consultant
• Senior Solution Consultant

If you are looking for SAP decision makers with other job roles, we will compile that for you.
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SAP users list, Europe

Good news for marketers targeting SAP users and SAP decision makers in Europe. SAP Lists Basket presents forth 18 SAP users list targeting various countries in Europe.

Each SAP user list feature

First and last name, Company name, website, Headquarter address, Telephone and fax number, Job title, Email address, ZIP code, SIC code, Industry type

Various SAP users lists

  1. SAP users list Austria
  2. SAP users list Belgium
  3. SAP users list Czech Republic
  4. SAP users list Denmark
  5. SAP users list Germany
  6. SAP users list France
  7. SAP users list Greece
  8. SAP users list Italy
  9. SAP users list Ireland
  10. SAP users list Finland
  11. SAP users list Netherlands
  12. SAP users list Norway
  13. SAP users list Poland
  14. SAP users list Portugal
  15. SAP users list Spain
  16. SAP users list Sweden
  17. SAP users list Switzerland
  18. SAP users list UK

Try our SAP users lists for Europe and see how it works for your marketing campaign(s). Contact Us

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