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Give a new look to your email marketing to impress SAP Users

Let's make the year 2010 more onilne marketing friendly by giving a new look to the email marketing. A little touch up is needed to make email marketing more impressive. Technology is evolving everyday. Some of the best tools and gadgets are available to keep customers updated about new products in the market.

Please note that old school email marketing practices should never be ignored, but a fresh new approach definitely is the demand of 2010. Today's marketers have to be more prepared and alert to find the best ways to make more through email marketing. The two things to keep in mind to impress tech-savy customers like SAP users and decision makers are:

Emails to be accessible through mobile phones:
With mobile phones becoming one of the most used gadget for information gathering and sharing, make your email accessible through mobile phones. This will help the recipient to access it any time and from any place. If they like the offer they can instantly send to their friends. Hence your one email can reach to many people who are not in your SAP users lists and can be the potential buyers.

A new strategy to 'Welcome' prospect SAP users:
A welcome email is a must to be send to all your prospect SAP decision makers. This not only builds trust in the recipient but also prompt them to register for your email messages. However this time while sending your welcome emails think about all the possibilities about your messages being read and at what time. You will realize many prospects will not be able to read them because they were not available in the office, they were traveling, etc. Your welcome email should be powered with technology to reach through every gadgets and network.

Making few changes in your email marketing practices can bring lots of difference in your email campaign response in 2010. To start your campaign you need a robust SAP users email list with SAP version, for this please sign up or write to me at


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