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Five simple ways to impress SAP users this 2010

This 2010 try to market your products to SAP users in a smart way. Reaching them through various SAP users and SAP decision makers lists is easier and simpler than creating your own database spending time, resource and money.

However, reaching should not be the only aim, you should aim to impress your target SAPians. Read below some easy ways to do that:

1. Be available at every nook and corner of online marketing channels. Make your SEO team to work in a way that you are visible and hold the top ranks on the major search engines.
2. Make sure your SEO experts are using long and short-tail keywords and all the possible keywords the SAP users might use to search products like yours.
3. Show a clear (not confusing) root map to visit the major pages of your website. This will help your visitors to collect more information about your products and services. Also let them visit to the price page. It helps them to compare your products with your competitors'.
4. Always provide special offers and discounts and make them act prompt by saying “Act now”, “Order Today”
5. Once the first purchase is done always send a “Thank You” message with 10% discount (for example) on the next purchase.

Reach and impress them the smarter way and begin a rocking 2010. All the best.

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