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Oops! You sent that to SAP users and SAP decision makers

Learn how to deal with email campaign mistakes
Imagine you rolled out an email campaign to your SAP users email list with great hopes and after sending you realized that there were some mistakes in the email. What to do now? Do you really lost the chance to impress your target SAP users and decision makers. Relax you actually have not lost it completely if you really know how to fix it.
No doubt people using SAP application are among the busiest IT decision makers but that does not mean your one mistake in the email will take away all your hopes. Given below are some handful of tips you can escape yourself from the aftereffect of the wrong campaign.

Step-1: First check if there is any way you can stop the email to reach your prospect SAP decision makers.

Step-2: If not, then send another email within hours time mentioning the word 'Correction to the previous mail...' in the Subject line.

Step-3: Do not miss to copy the original message below the correction. This will make it easier to understand for those SAP users who have not opened your previous email.

Step-4: Highlight the correction by either making it in bold font or use any color. Make it prominent so that they shouldn't struggle to see the actual correction.

Step-5: Make sure the corrected line is placed at the top of the email so that immediately SAP users can identify it.

It is really important to check and test your email before actually rolling it out t the target audiences. However, sometimes despite of paying all the attention mistakes happen. Don't panic, follow these simple steps and see how it worked for you.

If you are looking for SAP users and SAP decision makers lists to send your error-free email campaign drop your email at or fill this form.


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