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Email Campaign Strategy to reach and impress SAP Users and SAP decision makers

As a marketer you surely has set the objective of your email marketing and prepared a full-proof plan to reach the goal. If your target prospects are SAP users and SAP decision makers then the planning has to be different from other IT decision makers and IT executives across industry verticals. Given below are tips to impress the 'hard-to-please' SAP users and SAP decision makers:

1. Keep in hand your promotional campaign, topics, offers you are going to present before SAP users. Since you have gathered all the relevant information about your prospect you can impress them easily by sending the right information at the right time.
2. Make sure the template you have created is conveying your message the way they prefer. Also your template should be in line with your product and services. It should be appealing enough that SAP users could not stop themselves from reaching you or place an order.
3. If series of email pitches are in pipeline, make sure you mention the same in your first promotional mail. Try to make your emails interesting and useful talking about your products and services and how it will help them. Don't let SAP users wondering and getting furious seeing your chain of emails.
4. Also introduce yourself and the products and services to the SAP users and SAP decision makers in your first email. Considering their every single minute counts make sure the content so appealing and offers are irresistible to ignore. Asking for their opinion and feedback is another way of showing your commitment towards your prospects.
5. Also follow email marketing ethics by providing unsubscribe link in your email. This is as per CAN-SPAM Law. Here what you can do is give some other preferences and services that might interest SAP users and SAP decision makers. This way your SAP user list will not loss your target prospects.
Make sure you get the best ROI on every dollar you spent to reach and impress your target prospects through SAP users Lists. If your SAP users database is missing their email addresses, we will assist you. All you have to do is fill up the below form and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.


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