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SAP decision makers list for your email campaign

Research reveals “More than 70% of C- Level executives say that the internet is a very valuable source of information and 6 out of 11 executives conduct more than 7 online searches a day”. Impressing top level executives from IT industry especially SAP decision makers is tough but reaching them is tougher. With our SAP decision makers email list you can move a step forward in the communication cycle. SAP decision makers email list has contact details including tele-verified email addresses. You can execute your email campaign to reach these IT experts.

We are quite familiar about what damage poor data can do to a business: hard bounces, high unsubscribe rates, ISP blacklisting and poor sender reputation to name a few. Hence we at SAP Lists Basket ensure the data in our SAP decision makers list is double verified including tele-verification. All the non-existing, false, dead email addresses of SAP users and SAP decision makers are removed or replaced every 90 days.

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