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6 die hard ways to make SAP users list tick for your campaign

SAP Lists Basket ensures the various SAP users list and SAP decision makers lists you buy from us are accurate and fresh. The email addresses are recent and tele-verified. However, buying a latest SAP lists for your campaign is not enough. You need to make it tick for your campaign. Here are the 6 die hard ways to make SAP users lists more effective for you:

1.    Don’t forget to introduce your brand in your initial emails
2.    Don’t forget to mention unsubscribe link in every email you send
3.    Ask about their preferences, subject of interest, pain points of their business and draft your future campaigns addressing these issues
4.    Send Test email before every email blast
5.    Check each part of your email: Subject line, From address, message relevancy, image size, alt text (if any), call to action, etc
6.    Don’t forget to remove contacts who requested for unsubscribe before sending next mail

These are some known (die hard) tips you need to look after for every campaign. If you want SAP Lists Basket to assist you in getting most targeted SAP leads for your campaign, you can write at


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