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SAP users lists, UK

Reach SAP decision makers of companies based in UK. The list contains names, email address, postal address and phone numbers of SAP users and SAP decision makers. This will help you to run multi-channel campaigns via direct mail, email or phone.

SAP users lists, UK are available in two forms: pre-packaged lists comprising name, phone number, email address of the top-level executives while custom-built lists are compiled based on your required fields and categories. For example, if you want a SAP decision makers list with their email addresses and job titles only. We will compile such list for you.

If you already have an year- or 6-month old SAP list, it’s time to grab a fresh one. Research says 30% of email addresses decays in every 3 months. Using same old email and postal addresses can bring you bad sender reputation, blacklisting and negative brand image.

Try a fresh sample of SAP users list to experience its usefulness in your marketing mix. Change your campaign fate with SAP users lists, UK.


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