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The Director was 'Spellbound'

Dear Brian,

An Arizona-based company hired SAP Users Lists for sales leads. The problem they were facing was 'wowing wrong people with right product'. We understood this after quickly going through their in-house technology list. The list had very few SAP users/decision makers. Hence, we suggested them two things:

1. Thorough data cleansing to remove the unwanted leads and recover only SAP users and decision makers.

2. Customized SAP decision makers list, in which we provide SAP decision makers and SAP users interested in your kind of products/services.

The marketing executives are using this list from the past 2 months and have experienced 50% increase in sales ready leads.

I got a call last week from one of the executive asking "Did you know that our Director was 'spellbound'? I had no clue what to say as I was spellbound, thinking can a director be so thrilled by something. I decided to call the Director to get the information first hand. This is what the Director told me:
“The customized list has made a real difference in increasing sales ready leads. We saw results right away. Last month the count was DOUBLE of total leads for the entire last quarter. Their sales are WAY up over last quarter – there was a big spike. The CEO came directly to me and asked, 'Do you have a magic wand, I mean how are you doing this?' I told him, “It’s the customized targeted SAP users lists that my men are able to pump in so many sales ready leads.” “When I myself first saw the tremendous increase in quality SAP leads, I was spellbound.” “Another thing that surprised me was our effort going in drain with poor un-targeted in-house list. Now we are saving so much of money and time. It’s been really, really good. Your Lists are superb!”With such an improvement in sales, no doubt the Director is spellbound.

If you’re interested in talking about how to improve your SAP lead counts, just let me know. SAP Users Lists has been delivering various SAP lists for 11 years now. Believe me the response it brings for our clients amazes even us! I’ll be very happy to talk with you about your particular list requirement.

Best Regards,


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