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SAP users lists based on Geography with phone numbers

Recently, SAP Users Lists has introduced 9 different SAP lists of SAP customers from 9 different countries. These SAP lists have complete contact details of SAP customers using various SAP tools. The list comes with details like email address, phone and fax numbers and postal address, hence you can reach them through various marketing channels.

Get SAP customers from the following country area:

  • SAP users in Canada
  • SAP customer base of UK
  • SAP customer base of USA
  • SAP customer base of Australia
  • SAP users in India
  • SAP users South East Asia
  • SAP customer for IS-R and AFS
  • SAP customer list in Norway
  • SAP customer list France

Please let us know if you don't see your target SAP decision makers list here. We will compile SAP lists based on your given categories and industries. Feel free to contact us for any question regarding our SAP decision makers lists.

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