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5 “must do” tips to make your email marketing campaign for SAP Users Click

Every e-mail campaign for SAP users that are created are not equal — nor are they equally successful. You might wonder what ‘out of the box’ recipes you need to cook to generate high response to your marketing campaigns. Well, not ‘out of the box’ really, but here are some “must do” tips to make your email campaign successful by impressing the SAP users and SAP decision makers:

Why this campaign at all>>>The campaign design will vary with the motto, so set it upfront.

Does your message convey the brand and the website>>>They should go in tandem right from opt-in form, landing page to the website and purchase finally.

Is the subject line intriguing enough>>>SAP user/SAP decision makers are inundated with business mails that are also marketing similar product. Make your subject line appealing enough to draw target SAP users in.

Where is the Call to Action>>>Place call to action, logo at a visible area in the email. Don't let recipients struggling understanding the motto behind your email.

Does the mail strike a personal rapport>>>This includes crafting your mails according to segmentation besides a personal greeting.

And a few more things to remember. Test if your mail is compatible with various email clients. Time your dispatches to the convenience of your recipients. Maintain an opt-in list.

You can be more than sure of a good response rates following the tips stated above. If you are still unsure, get in touch with me by filling the form below or write to me. Your queries for SAP users list are most appreciated.


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